THIC meeting at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder CO

August 21-22, 2007

THEME: Growth, Development and Status of Data Storage


Local Session Chair: Gene Harano,
National Center for Atmospheric Research, NCAR
1850 Table Mesa Drive, Boulder CO 80305-5602
Phone: +1-303-497-1203, Fax: +1-303-497-1848


Presentations with the are available for download.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007
Registration and Continental Breakfast  
Welcome and Announcements  
Peter Groel, Mountain Engineering II, Inc, 1233 Sherman Dr, Longmont CO 80501-6133, phone: 303-651-0277 x 11, e-mail: - "Erasing LTO Tapes"   
John Clyne, NCAR, 1850 Table Mesa Dr, Boulder CO 8030505602, phone: +1-303-497-1236, e-mail: - "The peril of the petascale: emerging challenges in large scale computational science"  

Alexander Stewart, Sun Microsystems, 1 StorageTek Dr, Mailstop ULVL04-274, Louisville CO 80028-2121, phone: +1-303-661-2775, FAX: +1-303-661-5743, e-mail: - "The evolving storage encryption market"  
Tom Wilke, In-Phase Technologies, 2000 Pike Rd, Longmont CO 80501-6764, phone: +1-303-684-3631, e-mail: - "Holographic Technical breakthroughs"  


NCAR Visualization Lab Demo
Professor Tom Milster, College of Optical Sciences,
University of Arizona, Tucson AZ 85721, phone: +1-520-621-8280, e-mail: - "Status and Trends of Optical Data Storage Technology"

Joe Straub, 7100 Nanjemoy Court, Falls Church VA 22046, phone: +1-703-241-0882, e-mail: - "Nanotechnology for hard disk drives"  
Justin Shaw, NIST, Magnetics Group, 325 Broadway MS818.03 Boulder CO 80305, phone: 303-497-4421, FAX:
303-497-7364, e-mail: - "Nanodots for patterned recording"

Reception - Cafeteria

Wednesday, August 22, 2007
Fred Spada, Center for Magnetic Recording Research, 9500 Gilman Dr, University of California, San Diego, La Jolla CA 92093-0401, phone: +1-858-534-8675, e-mail: - "Evaluation of Bulk Degaussers for Secure Erasure of Magnetic Media"   
Seiichi Onodera, SONY, 3-4-1 Sakuragi, Tagajo-shi, Miyagi-ken 985-0842, Japan, Ph: +81-22-367-2460, FAX: 81-22-367-2589, e-mail: - "A-ME technology for linear application"  

Patrick Thomas, Quantum Corporation, Boulder CO, Tel: +1-719-536-5263, e-mail: - “Professional Video Storage Application Utilizing DLT & LTO Tape Technologies”   
John P Nibarger, Sun Microsystems, 1450 Infinite Drive, Louisville CO 8002-9440, Ph. +1-303-661-2837, Fax: +1- 303-661-8992, e-mail: email: - "Transition from AMR to GMR Heads in Tape Recording"    

Lunch - Cafeteria
The THIC Board of Directors wish to express their sincere thanks to the National Center for Atmospheric Research for their continued and consistent support in the organization of this meeting.